Access Change for Big Choss

Posted May 28, 2018

Working with Alberta Environment and Parks, and to address longstanding safety concerns of Lafarge, the access trail to Big Choss is being rerouted. The new access spur skirts around the Lafarge lease and reconnects with the existing trail to Big Choss. The trail spur is primitive, but it has tentative approval from Alberta Environment and Parks. Over the next few weeks, it will be improved and given final approval.

Note: There may be minor changes to the trail may be required. We encourage climbers keep informed about changes to the access and more detailed trail information.


The trail starts at the west end of the parking lot and is marked with orange flagging tape. Follow the flagging until you see flagging wrapped around trees, and turn right (51.115788, -115.101368). Continue to follow the flagging until you intersect with the existing trail and turn left at the obvious flagging wrapped around tree (51.117982, -115.104038). At this point, you are on the existing trail to Big Choss