Ghost Access Update - Route Compliance

Courtesy: Alberta Environment

Posted Jun 20, 2018

A reminder to climbers to stay on designated trails. 

Given that access for climbers in the Ghost has seen many changes over the years, following old paths or directions from old guidebooks could result in you being severely penalized for being on a closed trail or in a closed area.

Vehicle access is only allowed on the designated trail published on the map at the kiosk near the beginning of the Trans Alta road. 

The current map can also be found online along with a link to Avenza, which is the digital mapping app that is being recommended to users.

A few important points:

- Know where the official trails are and stay on them. 

- Only enter water at official crossings.  Wheels in the water anywhere but at official crossings is subject to substantial fines.

- Respect the seasonal closures. The trail past marker 39  (the river just before STD Wall) is closed to vehicle traffic from April 1 - Nov 30.

- Follow the Tread Lightly principles 

CASA has been working extensively with Alberta Environment to maintain access to the Ghost, ensuring a climbing voice is involved with discussions on a number of levels. Vehicle access into the Ghost remains a contentious issue and a high level of compliance by climbers makes our work in maintaining access easier.