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About CASA


The purpose of the Climbers’ Access Society is to provide and preserve public access for climbers to the montane and alpine regions as well as related and surrounding wilderness of the Rocky Mountain Cordillera and Eastern Slope foothills of Alberta.

CASA aims to aid in the conservation of montane, alpine and other wilderness areas of Alberta, while supporting their use by the climbing, hiking or other soft tread public.

We work with various government agencies to facilitate the construction and maintenance of tracks and or trails, facilities and structures among montane, alpine and wilderness areas.


Al Black – Chair
Eric Hoogstraten – Vice Chair
Irene Tos – Treasurer
Trent Hoover – Member at Large
Doug Fulford – Member at Large
Howard Bentley – Member at Large/CMC Representative
Maarten Van Haeren – Member at Large
Adam Zelmer – Member at Large/SABA Representative
Jefferson Humphreys – Communications
Alessandro Roome-Sandrin – Secretary/WABA Representative